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Use of Materials on this Website

I have been working on my genealogy research for over 40 years. I have spent much effort researching, recording and gathering this information. I have tried to be as accurate as I can.

I have also worked hard to gather the photographs you will find on this website. Several were given me by family members. Most are originals that are in my possession and are my creative product.

The facts, names, dates and places you find here cannot be copyrighted and you are free to copy them.

However the descriptive narratives and most photographs on this website are my creative work product. I am releasing these materials under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license. You may copy, distribute and display this work and make derivative works based on it ONLY as long as you follow the licensing criteria found at the bottom of each page which requires crediting this website for the original creation.

My research focuses primarily on Virginia and South Carolina (Horry branch).

Some of Horry information began with a trunk of information that I found in my parents' attic as a teenager. The trunk was owned by Mary Horry Eppes Chappell's mother, Mary Shubrick Horry Eppes. There was also a wonderful old Eppes/Garthright Family Bible from the late 1800's, owned originally by my second great-grandmother, Mary C. Garthright Eppes that aided my research on the Eppes side of the family.

Thanks are also due to Hugh Horry, an Horry cousin of mine, who greatly increased my Horry knowledge and information. He helped me so much!

Of the Eppes side, I must also give affectionate credit to my great-uncle, Uncle Ed (Edward Mitchell Eppes, Jr), who spent hours with me while a young adult, years ago, to tell me all he remembered of the Eppes and Horry side of the family.

Much of the information I have on the Ribble, Strobel, and related families was originally researched by my maternal aunt, Margaret Murray Ribble Caruthers, and my grandmother, Constance Murray Strobel Ribble.

The Chappell side of the family was a lot more difficult. The first problem is the vast number of Chappells there are in Virginia. The bulk of my primary research has centered in Sussex County, Virginia, delving among the interesting records there with much help from the Clerk of the Court, Gary Williams. (Many thanks, Gary!)

Now it's time to fill in the blanks. A lot of information is missing; a lot of marriages and births have taken place.

The information on these pages is in a narrative format. I have included census information as it was recorded, because of the fascinating glimpse into the families that it provides. It's important to keep in mind that information on the census was not always accurate. A child, a family member not fluent in English, or even a neighbor may have given incorrect information about some members of a household. Because of this, you may see discrepancies between information contained in the census paragraphs and the primary event sentences on these pages.

Although great care has been taken, I do not guarantee the accuracy of all information on these pages. I have included both primary and secondary sources so that you may evaluate them.

These pages are a work in progress which I update frequently, so please do visit again. If you would like to comment, share new information, or let me know of a needed correction, please click on my name below.

I hope no one will take offense at anything I've included or left out. Certainly none was intended. If something needs fixing just let me know.

Please - all additions, and corrections are greatly appreciated.

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